Podcast Phase 3 Wellness: This Detoxifies Your Brain

In the first segment of this Podcast Dr. Henry discusses the new and groundbreaking research on how we can detoxify the brain and help restore healthy brain function….

Healing Foods

In the healing foods segment Dr. Henry discusses two amazing fruits and their significant health benefits. He also discusses some of the amazing benefits of mulberries, and he also discusses an amazing tropical fruit said to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy!

Healing Herbs/Supplement

In this final segment Dr. Henry will discuss Siberian ginseng, how to use it, and some of its amazing benefits!!

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The Laws of Health

  We  have  laws  of  health,  essentially  eight  laws  of  health.  The  first  one  is  Trust in  the  Creator.  The  second  one  is  Sunshine, the third is exercise, the fourth is water,  then  air ,rest  and   self  control  or  temperance.  So  here  we  have  an  outline  of  what  I  call  the  Ultimate  Healing  System.  There  is  no better health  plan  that  you  can  be  on  if  you  follow  it,  it can’t be  improved  upon.  This  would  give  you  better  health  results for not only  prevention, but also for  healing.  These laws of health  are abroad  and  there are  subsections  under  those  laws  of  health.  For  instance,  if  we consider  the  health  law  water,  how  does  water  actually benefit the body in the prevention and the healing of disease?

How would it be used therapeutically? It can be used therapeutically internally, it can be used therapeutically externally. We can use water in hydrotherapy. We use it for wet baths with steam baths,etc. There are different ways to use water,and so when you begin to look at water, the broad health law of water specifically,then you consider how do you use it to stay healthy? How to use it to to heal the body after getting sick. So this is what I mean when we talk about the health laws. I’m talking about the broad categories and each law of health has a wealth of information,
of healing that falls underneath it.

So the one law of health that  we’re going to talk about today  is the health law of rest.

Some research that’s come out recently points out how proper rest in the context of  proper sleep  helps in detoxification of our brains.

Detoxing The Brain With Proper Sleep

Dr.  Mercola of mercola.com  points  out  how  scientists  have  long  tried  to  tease  out  the  purpose  of  sleep  and  of  course  he  says that  countless  studies,  have  concluded  that  sleep  is  deeply connected   with  our immune system health  in  a  myriad  of  ways.

 Citing  one  example,  he  says,  previous  research  has  found  that  sleep  deprivation  has  the  same  effect  on  your  immune  system  as  phycical  stress  or  illness.   Sleep  deprivation  suppresses  your  immune  system  and  it  has  the  exact  same  effect  on  your  immune  system as illness or stress–we should seriously that. A  lack  of  sleep   is a potent  stresser  stressor to the body.   Dr. Mercola  goes  on  to  point  out  that,  quite  simply,  if  you  do  everything  else  right,  if  you  don’t  sleep  enough,  your  health  and  well  being  will  still  suffer.  You  may  even  die  prematurely if  issues  of  poor  sleep  plague you  longterm.  Then  he  points  out  how  researchers  at  the  University  of  Rochester,  Rochester  Medical  Center,  (URMC)  center  for  Translational  Neuro- Medicine,  believe  they  may  have  discovered  yet  another  clue  as  to  why  sleep  is  mandatory  for  good  health  and  especially  our  brain  health.

In this same article Dr. Mercola writes   that  their  report,  published  in  the  journal  Science,  reveals  that  our  brain  has  a  unique  method  of  removing  toxic  waste  through  what has beed dubbed  the  glymphatic  system.  I have mentioned  before how necessary it is to remove  waste from  the  body, thus detoxifying  the  body.  I have pointed out previously when  you’re  cleansing  your  body,  clean  the  colon  first,  then  clean  the  liver,  then  clean  the  blood.   Detoxification principles apply  to  our  brains as well.  All  parts  of  body  detoxification  are  essential  to  health.   You  wouldn’t  go  and  have  a  bowel  movement  and  leave  it  in  your  toilet  for  weeks  and  days  and  years  on  end,  that  would  be  problematic.   Additionally you  wouldn’t  wash  dishes  and  leave  food  in  them  and  leave  it  in  your  in  your  sink for  months  and  years  and  years  and  years,  the  food  would  rot,  and  your  house  would  smell   very  unpleasant,  and  so  if  this  is  true  with  respect  to  other  areas  of  life,  we would  have  to  understand  that  is  also  true  with  respect  to  our  bodies.

  So we should understand  that  sleep  is  crucial  for  our  brains  to  actually  be  detoxified.  The  article refrenced  goes  on  to  say  the  clincher  is  that  this  system  ramps  up  its  activity  during  sleep.  The  glymphatic  system,  it has  been  discovered,  to  be  chiefly  responsible  for  removing  toxic  waste  from  the  brain,  and  as  he  points  out  the  issue  is  that  it  does  this  activity  during  the  time  that  we  sleep,  thereby  allowing  our  brains  to  clear  out  toxins,  including  harmful  proteins  linked  to  brain  disorders  such  as  alzheimer’s.  He  points out further,  for  example,  they  discovered  that  our  brain  cells  actually  shrink  by  about  60  percent  during  the  time  that  we’re  asleep  and  this  allows  for  more  efficient  waste  removal. 

Brain Functions Differently When Awake Than When Asleep

According  to the lead authour of this study, cited in the article,  Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc.  “This study shows that the brain has different functional states when asleep and when awake. In fact, the restorative nature of sleep appears to be the result of the active clearance of the by-products of neural activity that accumulate during wakefulness.”

Dr. Mercola explains further that  in  your  body,  the  lymphatic  system  is  a  system  responsible  for  eliminating  that  waste  products.  However,  he points out that  the  lymphatic  system  does  not  include  the  blood  brain  barrier, the  barrier which  actually  controls what  can  go  into  your  brain  and  what cannot.

 In  a  previous  animal  study  Dr.  Nedergaard showed  that  the  brain  actually  has  its  own  unique  waste  disposal  system  and  it’s  similar  to  that  of  just a  separate  lymphatic  system  and  this  system,  she  called  the  glymphatic  system  and  it  piggybacks  on  the  blood  vessels  in  your  brain.  The “G”  placed in front of the “lymphatic system” for “glymphatic” system  indicates the  brain  cells  that  actually  manages the  detoxification  system,  they go  about  pumping  cerebral  spinal  fluid  through  your  brain  tissues.  The  glymphatic  system  actually  flushes  the  waste  from  your  brain  back  into  your  body  circulatory  system.  From  there  the waste eventually  reaches  your  liver, and is  cleansed  or  eliminated   from  your  body.  During  sleep,  the  glymphatic  system  becomes  10  times  more  active  than  during  the  time  that  you  were  awake  simultaneously.  Your  brain  cells  are  reduced  in  size,  like  I  said  earlier,  by  about  60  percent. 

 Since the  glymphatic  system  becomes  10  times  more  active  when  we’re  asleep  than  when  we’re  awake, it follows  that  it  increases  the  ability  to  clean  toxins  and  poisons  out  of  your  brain.   Dr. Mercola  points  out  how  this  creates  more  space  in  between  the  cells,  giving  the  cerebral  spinal  fluid  more  space  to  flush  out  the  debris.  He  says  the  amyloid  beta,  for  example,  which  are  the  proteins  that  form  the  notorious  plaque  found  in  the  brains  of  those  who  have  alzheimer’s is  removed  in significantly  greater  quantities  when  you  are  asleep.  Halso cites  a  quote  in  time  magazine  that  says,    “the  findings  raise  interesting  questions  about  how  sleep  may  affect  the  progression  of  alzheimer’s  or  other  neurodegenerative  disorders.  But  they  also  provide  a  strong  warning  for  anybody  who  skipped  sleep,  the  short  version  don’t.”

Back  to  the  lead  author  of  the  study, Dr. Maiken Nedergaard  says,  “the  brain  only  has  limited  energy  at  its  disposal  and  it  appears  that  it  must  choose  between  two  different  functional  states,  awake  and  aware  or  asleep  and  cleaning  up.”  She  says,  “you  can  think  of  it  like  having  a  house  party.  You  can  either  entertain  the  guests  or  clean  up  the  house,  but  you  can’t  really  do  both  at  the  same  time.”  “These  findings”,  she  says,  “has  significant  implications  for  treating  dirty  brain  disease  like  alzheimer’s.  Understanding  precisely  how  and  when  the  brain  activates  the  glymphatic  system and clears waste  is  a  critical  first  step  in  efforts  to  potentially  modulate  the  system  and  make  it  work  more  efficiently.

Mental Illness Of The Second Brain As Well?

  So  think  about  that…that is the importance of cleansing and detoxfying!   Natural  practitioners  have  always  said  its  very,  very  important  to  cleanse  the  body  first.  We’ve  always  said  that.  Also  once  we  understand  the  necessity  of  cleansing  the  gastrointestinal  tract, as I have talked about before on the podcast,  there we  have  the  second  brain.    You  have  neurons  in  your  gastrointestinal  track that communicate with the neurons in your brain.   These  neurons  actually  send  messages  up  to  your  brain.  Many  people  who  have  depression  and  other  problems,  mental  problems,  are actually  suffering from  mental  illness  of  the  second  brain  in  the  gastrointestinal  tract, in a more severe fashion thanany  mental  illness that may exist in  the  brain  at the  top. Thus we should  remember  when  we’re  talking  about  the  body,  we  have  to  address  the  body  from  a holistic  perspective.

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