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Friday March 27th 2015

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Blood Clots And Natural Remedies

Blood Clots And Natural Remedies

blood clots Someone asked me recently about blood clots and natural remedies; below is a brief look at some blood clots and natural remedies, remedies that can support the body in dissolving dangerous blood clots…it is not meant neither should it be construed to be medical advice or all inclusive. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are in need of medical advise please consult a health care professional.


Exercise Helps Dissolve Clots

Regular moderate exercise is one of the natural remedies for blood clots. Exercise increases the body’s ability to dissolve clots. One of the most important things is daily exercise outside in the fresh air, walking briskly every day. Because exercise increases the circulation it can be readily seen how it can be listed as one of the natural remedies for blood clots, although not a pill nor a solution.

blood clots and natural remedies



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Water As A Natural Remedy For Blood Clots

Another surprise blood clot natural remedy is plenty of good ole fashion water. That’s right, water is crucial to keep the blood fluid for lack of a better term. The blood is about 80-85% water. Therefore to keep it moving and free flowing and to help  reduce the likelihood of blood clots drink plenty of water every day, this helps keep the blood from getting thick, damaging the vessels and leading to clots.

Blood Clots And Natural Remedies–Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid For Blood Clots


Eat fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds legumes, and whole grains…be sure to include plenty of fiber in the diet. Drink fresh carrot juice as often as possible.


Avoid fried food, salty food, processed food, dairy products or hydrogenated vegetables oils. Eat a vegan diet if at all possible. High protein diets increases blood clotting factors.


Fasting decreases blood coagulation…it is good to fast once or twice per week


Avoid birth control pills. I talk more about this in the e-book mentioned in this article.

Herbs/Remedies Niacin can help, Vitamin C supplementation can help, as well as vitamin E. Cleanse the colon with a good herbal colon cleanse. Then cleanse the liver with herbs like dandelion etc. Then cleanse the blood with blood cleansing herbs…in that order.

Keith M Henry, N.D. is a traditionally trained naturopath and the staff naturopath for Emergency Herbal Medicine It may very well save your life.

Blood Clots And Natural Remedies–Herbal And Other Natural Remedies For Blood Clots

Sassafras The herb Sassafras has been used to help dissolve blood clots. Dr. Christopher N.D. M.H. wrote “Here is an herb that is the finest spring tonic known to man. It thins the blood as it cleanses old sludge from the bloodstream. We have used it successfully for people who have suffered from blood clots and formerly needed to take toxic blood-thinning drugs.” (You can drink the tea)

blood clots and natural remedies

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Black Strap Molasses/And Other Remedies

Two tablespoons 2 -3 times a day should compose a part of your program as well. 1) High doses of enzymes Nattokinase (Supplement) Vitalzyme, (Supplement) stop the initiating process in clot formation (fibrin formation). 2) Omega 3 Essential Fatty acids because they make blood more fluid thus inhibiting the formation of clots(there are vegan formulas available 3) Gingko Biloba taken twice daily also prevents clotting in a safe manner. Also ginger, cayenne, and garlic can be added to such a program daily. If you are looking for natural remedies for blood clots they will help significantly. However it is necessary that you follow any protocol of using natural remedies for blood clots consistently.

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Blood Clots And Natural Remedies–More Natural Blood Clot Remedies:

Additional natural remedies for blood clots include the Herb, Yarrow. Yarrow can benefit the body in terms of blood clots if it is taken in the form of a tea; 3 to 4 cups of Yarrow tea can be taken daily as a natural remedy for blood clots, or rather has a part of an entire program or protocol in a natural blood clot remedy program.

Some researchers have also pointed out that by combining horse chestnut, Sweet Clover, and witch hazel and consuming it as  a tea  is helpful in helping to prevent blood clots in that the tea can  be used prior to or after surgery as a remedy to prevent stagnation of the blood which can lead to blood clots. Indeed this could be  very effective when considering blood clots and natural remedies.

Blood Clots And Natural Remedies- Final Word

Finally the many natural remedies for blood clots that the Creator has given us can be and are very powerful, if again, any protocol involving natural remedies for blood clots is followed on a consistent basis. If you want more detail on dissolving blood clots naturally download my e-book above. I hope that this article has helped in your search for  blood clots and natural remedies.

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