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Sunday March 29th 2015

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Natural Remedies And Blood Clots E-Book–Keith Henry, N.D.

blood clots and natural remedies


Blood Clots And Natural Remedies-Ebook

Dr. Keith M. Henry, N.D.:

You may or may not know that quite a few people die every year in the United States as well as in other countries from blood clots

In 2009 I wrote a blog post wherein I defined in a general sense a few remedies for blood clots. And over the past few years this problem has been increasing in intensity.

So recently I decided to sit down and to pen an e-book to give more specifics in dealing with blood clots from a natural perspective. There are many people who no longer wish to take prescription drugs but who have been diagnosed with blood clots, and full well understand the potential dangers but have hope because of “natural” or alternative remedies.


             What Will You Learn In Blood Clots And Natural Remedies?

In this brief e-book you will learn several recommendations and strategies to help create an internal environment that help to prevent blood clots as well as to dissolve them.

1) You may be shocked to know that between 100,000 and 180,000 people a year in the United States alone die from blood clots that travel to the lungs … pulmonary embolisms.

2) You will learn the foods you should eat to actually help create in internal environment to prevent blood clots from forming.

3) You will learn which types of foods actually contribute to the forming of blood clots.

4) You will learn  that this vitamin  can actually dissolve blood clots when taken consistently over time in the the recommended amount found in this e-book.

5) Combine these two nutrients together in their proper amounts(revealed in this e-book) to act as a natural blood thinner and also to reduce abnormal clotting.


 6) Take this powerful well-known supplement in the amount recommended in this book to help increase circulation and to protect your heart.

7) Eat regularly of this to help minimize blood clot formation and to also keep the veins and arteries pliable.

8) Learn which mineral that you would need to take, and in what amount that you  need to take it, to maintain the right amounts (in the body) of  the vitamin that actually dissolves blood clots over time.

9) Discover  how to take the blood clot dissolving herb, Sassafras, in combination with a good diet for optimal benefit.

10) Discover some of the other herbs that have the amazing capacity to improve circulation and to oxygenate the blood.

Finally…16 Vital Tips That You Need To Know About Your Body And Blood Clots

Knowing these 16 vital tips and strategies are crucial. These tips will cost you nothing but they are extremely, extremely valuable and critically important… They are so important, in fact, that you cannot afford to be without them.

You can  be reading this powerful book in literal minutes from now.!!!

But look what else that you will get….

Every purchaser will be placed on my e-mail list and will get a free copy of the book each time that I update the book for life.

So if I discover better strategies or more effective combinations of remedies that work better than the ones that we have now…you will know about it free of charge when I update the book.

So order your copy right now!!!


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