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Saturday February 28th 2015

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Pecans Just Might Help Your Diabetes?

Discover 3 Natural Remedies That Will Stop Virtually Any Pain

A few years ago I was talking to an insulin dependent diabetic gentleman, and in the conversation he indicated that he had stumbled upon something rather amazing. He discovered after testing his blood sugar one morning, after eating a few pecans, there was a significant blood sugar drop. In other words he tested his blood sugar before eating and again afterward. He wasn’t sure if it was the pecans that caused the drop so he repeated the test a few more times, and he also tested the process by not eating the pecans, but by eating something else. He noted that every time he ate the pecans he received the same results. Seems like there is some benefit, if I was a diabetic I would certainly try this…besides it can’t hurt.

Buy Your Poison – Aspartame, Diet Soda, Splenda

Chemist James Schlatter was working on an anti-ulcer drug candidate in the labs of G.D. Searle & Company. He was recrystallizing aspartame from ethanol when the mixture spilled on to the outside of the flask he was using. Some of the powder stuck to his fingers. When he licked his finger later, he realised the sweetness of aspartame.The first report of the discovery of the artificial sweetener was in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. It stated: “We wish to report another accidental discovery of an organic compound with a profound sucrose (table sugar) like taste… Preliminary tasting showed this compound to have a potency of 100-200 times sugar depending on concentration and on what other flavors are present and to be devoid of unpleasant aftertaste.”Since then Searle has amassed multi billion dollars in profits by selling aggressively this one product with total disregard to the evidence they have gathered that show how dangerous and toxic this chemical is to human beings. Read entire story at BUY YOUR POISON-
Aspartame, Diet Soda, Splenda

Boost Your Metabolism

Major Confusion on How to Do Breast Checks

Is there a right way to check your breasts for early signs of cancer? Many women remain confused as experts now say there is no evidence that rigorous monthly “self-examination” — widely recommended in the United States — reduces breast cancer deaths. Plus, it can lead to unnecessary biopsies. Two large studies looking at a total of more than 388,000 women found that death rates from breast cancer were the same among women who rigorously self-examined as those who did not, while there were almost twice the number of biopsy operations in the self-examination group. According to some experts, the best way for a woman to check her breasts is not to follow a strict examination routine, but to get to know what is normal, and feel them regularly for signs of any changes. Read Entire Article At Major Confusion on How to Do Breast Checks

Keith M Henry is the Director of phase 3ministries, based in Orlando FL. He is medical missionary herbalist, and Naturopathic doctor candidate. Download your free copy of his report, Emergency Herbal Medicine, HERE. It may very well save your life.

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