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Saturday April 18th 2015

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This blog is designed to keep our readers informed of the incredible yet simple remedies that are available to them. We are Phase 3 Ministries Inc., a Christian ministry based in Orlando, Florida. We teach and promote Bible based natural health. You can visit us at www.phase3ministries.com  to read more info. To Your Health… Keith M. Henry N.D. (NatureDoc).

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10 Responses to “About US”

  1. superdrupermegapuper54321…

    Very usefull info. Thanks!…

  2. Becky says:

    Hi Keith,
    It is Rebecca. I was wonder if you had any information on Hysterectomy?

    Thank you,

  3. scourge says:

    Why are you Christian? If there is a “God”, wouldn’t a god worthy of consideration for worship be one that would make a better body than the riddled-with-problems human body? While it is imperative that we keep our bodies working in top order, aren’t there better things to be doing than spending an inordinate amount of time managing to keep our mortal coils functioning in order to exist? What a worthless god that cannot manage to keep his followers healthy!

    If on the other hand, you are using the clerical tax-dodge, I understand your professed creed.

  4. scourge says:

    Why did your Christian god create brown recluse spiders that caused a woman to nearly die and have her breast removed from a bite on Easter Sunday morning? This is the “God of Love”? I suppose so. This is the god that commands homosexuals to be killed, daughters to marry their rapists, etc.

  5. NatureDoc says:


    In answer to your post, as best as I can, the sheer complexity of the human body testifies to the existence of a “Creator” whom we refer to as “God”. If you see a car of a truck or an airplane and I told you that the mode of transportation(which ever it might be) had just appeared or that it evolved over time you would look upon me as though I was a mad-man for you would know for sure that some men and or women had designed and built these modes of transportation–hence they were the Creators.

    The fact that the human body with the amazing amounts of pollution, processed foods etc, can even still function is also a testament that God originally made man-kind with perfect bodies which contains a brain, which is the organ of the mind, and thus the power to choose. God originally endowed the race with healthy bodies and minds, but we have chosen to break our bodies down in light of loads of wisdom and knowledge. This is not His fault.

    How often is it that parents leave to their children large sums of money, property, etc., and the children squander all that which their parents gave them? In a similar fashion the Creator has endowed us with health and the knowledge to be healthy(so as to alleviate unnecessary suffering), but we chose to ignore him and then suffer the consequences. Then we blame Him for the choices that we made. Amazing if you ask me.

    Just wanted to answer you briefly without going into too much depth.

    Thanks for the commnets.

  6. emie1376 says:

    Hi! I have just paid for the e-book by Dr. Keith Henry but I did not get any feedback on how to download it.

  7. NatureDoc says:


    There must have been a glitch in the system that was supposed to direct you to your download. We have emailed you the link to your download.

  8. leonardfong says:

    hi doc,

    I paid for the book but don’t know how to download it!!!

    Also, my wife got a blood clot near the brain 11 days ago just below her ear. had all scans and the doctor said that blood vessel is clot for 4-5 inches. She just had very minor effect on eye sight where the doctor said she is very lucky. now they are putting her on blood thinner Plavix. When I ask the doctor whether the blood clot can be unclog he just say maybe. I have so lost and I don’t know what to do!! my wife is 33 don’t have high blood pressure, they say she properly ripe the vessel by accident. Pls doc can you tell me can she use your methods now with the blood thinner and whether the blood vessel can be unclog?? pls pls pls help me!!!
    also pls help me to download the book I paid for.

  9. NatureDoc says:

    I am going to send you an email

  10. NatureDoc says:

    I just sent you an email and a link to download the book, seems that some of our customers are experiencing problems with the download. We use paypal and they are suppose to re-direct you to the download page after payment.

    Seems that some are being redirected and some aren’t.

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