The World After Snowden

Edward Snowden exploded onto the scene with the revelations of spying by the NSA on American citizens! After making his startling revelations, many now see him as a traitor; while others see him as a patriot.

One of the things that became exceedingly clear in the light of his revelations is that a condition of things have developed, even in so-called free America, that will allow the chilling scenarios presented as unfolding in the book of Revelation to occur throughout the world including in the United States.

It seems almost astonishing that even in free America the civil liberties of the people will be essentially stripped away. Nevertheless, the prophet John in the book of Revelation spells quite clearly.

The short video clip below is quite enlightening, especially the second half of it.

Not only is it enlightening, but it is also sobering to realize just how close we are to the scenes described inĀ  the book of Revelation being literally fulfilled.