CIA Discovered To Be Routinely Hacking Home Wi-Fi Routers

Students of Bible Prophecy know quite well that prophecy reveals a chilling and horrifying change in world society, even in free countries like America often called the “home of the free”! However, this story among many others that have come out help us realize just how true Bible Prophecy has been all along!

The mass spying on the American people continues.

According to decade-old documents released earlier this month by Wikileaks, the Central Intelligence Agency has the ability to hack into people’s Wi-Fi routers and gather information regarding Internet searches. The CIA has used home routers from 10 U.S. manufacturers, including Linksys, DLink and Belkin.

The firmware, which has been given the codename “CherryBlossom,” runs on a total of 25 router models with the potential to run on dozens more after modifications are made.

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