Phase 3 Wellness Podcast: Common Prescription Drugs Linked To Memory Destruction; Keith Henry, N.D.

phase 3 wellness

In today’s episode of the Phase 3 Wellness Podcast, host Dr. Keith Henry, N.D. has yet another fascinating show.

The Week In Natural News Review Segment

In the first segment Dr. Henry discusses two very interesting articles published this week. First he discusses the amazing amount of people that suffer from Dementia and Alzheimers, early warning signs, and how drugs can significantly increase the likelihood that one will go down the road of memory destruction.

In this segment Dr. Henry also reviews and discusses another article published this week detailing the incredible damage that home cleaning products can do to the lungs etc.

Healing Food Segment

The food discussed by Dr. Henry this week in the healing food segment is the amazing and delicious Pomegranate. More than being tasty, this amazing fruit is a powehouse of nutrients, and Dr. Henry explains just what these nutrients how and how they benefit the human body.

Healing Herb Segment

Finally in the healing herb segment of this episode, Dr. Henry discusses the benefits of a herb that many women find amazing-Black Cohosh. Black Cohosh defintely has many, many benefits, and can help benefit the hormones significantly!