Podcast: How Processed Meat Can Contribute To Altered Mental Conditions- Keith Henry,N.D.

This week on the Phase 3 Wellness podcast, another informative and insightful show:

Week In Natural News Review Segment: In this first segment Dr. Henry analyses 3 articles that were published this week. He discusses how a study published that shows how processed meat effects the mental wellbeing. Next Dr. Henry analyses an article on how exercise benefits brain health. Finally Dr. Henry addresses an article  exploring the dangers of too much sitting.

Healing Food Segment: In the healing food segment Dr. Henry explores the amazing health benefits of the artichoke.You will be amazed at the powerful and amazing health and healing benefits of this food!

Healing Herb: In this healing herb segment Dr. Henry taks about the health benefits of the herb catnip. Popular because of its affect on cats, this herb also has some nice and amazing benefits for humans.