Opioid Overdoses Killed 200 Americans A Day Last Year: Dr. Keith Henry, N.D

In today’s episode of the Phase 3 Wellness Podcast, host Dr. Keith Henry, N.D. has yet another fascinating show.

The Week In Natural News Review Segment

In the first segment Dr. Henry discusses three very interesting articles published this week.

First he discusses how a recent report detailed that Opiod Overdoses Killed 200 Americans a day in 2017, and what if this many people were dying from herbs, and or supplements!

In this segment Dr. Henry also reviews and discusses how the FDA has been allowing drug companies to make inexpensive supplements into extremely expensive prescription drugs.

Finally Dr. Henry discusses the issue of whether or not heart disease and diabetes running in a family is really primarily genetic!

Healing Food Segment

The food discussed by Dr. Henry this week in the healing food segment is the amazing Fig. Dr. Henry takes discusses somoe of the amazing nutritional and medicinal benefits of the fig.

Healing Herb Segment

In the healing herb segment of this episode, Dr. Henry discusses the benefits of the amazing  herb Elderberry.

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