Do Not Use Google As Your Search Engine For Health Topics Always Use DuckDuckGO, Read Why…

The medical establishment is frustrating most Americans, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against Covid. Every week the advice on masks seems contradictory, and the news about Covid boosters for life is overwhelming. People are looking for answers to difficult questions and they often go to Google, but to no avail. Why? Because Google has systematically removed much of the most vital safety and health information.

Do Not Use Google to search for honest health and safety info with respect to Covid? 

Lets look at this example. If someone searches for “covid mask oxygen deprivation”  in DuckDuckGo regarding health issues, the third source  that pops up in the search engine is a study. The research warns that there could be as much as 5% to 20% oxygen deprivation. These masks can cause serious health problems in the short- and long-term. This is according to NIH research and senior Johns Hopkins Medical Research scholars. This valid research is on oxygen deprivation in masks. It includes not only N-95 masks but common homemade Covid Masks as well as the disposables. Google doesn’t have the same results from their top three sources.

There are examples where a Covid safety search results page returns completely different results in Google and DuckDuckGo. A search for “Covid vaccine causes ADE” on both Google and DuckDuckGo:…?

Google dismissed it. It’s called “catch and release”.  However, DuckDuckGo reveals a shocking new study showing that billions of Covid-vaccinated individuals are at risk of developing ADE. This is essentially an immune-dependence enhancement syndrome where people rely on boosters to maintain their immune system functions. Without vaccines they can die from any mild infection. It’s similar to AIDS patients.

Censorship Google

Google’s search for “Covid vaccine causes ADE” will only return results that claim it is minor and inevitable, or are just a hypothesis or conspiracy theory, or not “science-based.” Even though it is, it is very solidly so.

Let’s dive into the Covid vaccines that are linked to the “ADE” study. Google censors it, but DuckDuckGo uncovers

Talk about misinformation that puts one’s life at risk, the Google system and its administrators/overseers should be held accountable for this.

In August 2021, extensive research by health professionals was published in the Journal of Infection. It revealed serious concerns about vaccines causing ADE. Clot shots prime the immune system to a “potentially fatal overreaction.” This is what the Google “Pharma Gurus” apparently want to be revealed.

ADE has actually been caused in animals that have been given coronavirus vaccines. These animals have often 95 percent of the same DNA as humans. Today, billions upon billions of people are the new lab rats. They search Google for this information and find almost nothing negative.

 Solid evidence shows that what many are calling the  “Fauci flu shots” can cause ADE reactions in people who are exposed to certain Covid strains and variants, including Delta. Covid vaccines can cause an alarming side effect: they accelerate “infection-enhancing antibodies” responses that can be overreactive to Covid variants. This can cause a fatal hyper-inflammatory reaction. This is what many don’t know.

The study’s final conclusion? “ADE of delta variants is a potential risk for current vaccines,” and “Using molecular modeling approaches, we show that enhancing antibodies have a higher affinity for Delta variants than for Wuhan/D614G NTDs. We show that enhancing antibodies reinforce the binding of the spike trimer to the host cell membrane by clamping the NTD to lipid raft microdomains… facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity. Thus, ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors).”