Phase 3 Wellness Practitioner-Grade Supplements

Phase 3 Wellness is the Health And Healing Division  of Phase 3 Ministries Inc.  At the Supplement Shack you can order herbs, supplements, saliva test etc.  Specifically checkout Dr. Henry’s new line of Supplements (P-3) Phase 3 Wellness Line of supplements. He recently released the first six products in his new line, with many more planned in the near future.

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Sign up for free at my full-script site and get access to all of the major supplements herbs etc., ( that you often see in the health food stores) as well as some therapeutic grade herbs, some only available through practitioners at a 10 % discount. Only practitioners can sign up for the program. So once you sign up via my practitioner site (no cost) you can see any recommendations that I make regarding any supplements listed. So far I have at least 200 if not more listed, from over 70 manufacturers! I have access to about 300 manufactures. And I am handpicking supplements based on the ingredients, and the quality I know of-of many of the brands. You should sign up to save big money on buying supplements!

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