Weedkiller Showing Up In Dozens of Breakfast Foods

In today’s episode of the Phase 3 Wellness podcast, we have another exciting and informative show.

Week In Natural News Review Segment: In our first segment  Dr. Henry chooses two or three published articles that came out during the week and discusses and analyses them. This week he discusses an  article that was published by CNN discussing a report that pointed out how dozens of breakfast foods have tested positive for trace amounts of weedkiller…specifically mentioning the product Roundup. Additionally Dr. Henry  discusses an article that came out this week discussing 10 things that everyone should know about the flu shot.

Healing Foods Segment: In the healing foods segment, Dr. Henry discusses some of the amazing benefits of the delicious food cucumber. This amazing food is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Healing Herb Segment: In this segment Dr. Henry continues his discussion from last week about the amazing healing properties of the herb peppermint. Many people will be amazed and astonished at the ability of this amazing herb to produce a healing atmosphere within the body.

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